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November 2017 Edition from the Proclaimer Newsletter

I have been sharing some messages dealing with the church as the body of Christ. The problem we have here in America is that a lot of times when we think of the church, a building or a facility pops into our minds. But we know as believers that the church according to the New Testament is the “called out” ones and not a building. You have heard me say in previous sermons that our buildings could be destroyed over night but there would still be Grove’s First Baptist Church. The strength of our church is found in the fact that we trust in Jesus as the head of the church.
While our facilities don’t define who we are, they are important in doing ministries in the community that God has put us in. You have probably noticed that work is being done on our sign out in front of our facility. In a short period of time, we will have two LED signs to communicate who we are and what we are doing as a congregation. Because of some dedicated individuals who gave to the sign fund and some volunteers who are doing the work, we will have the ability to expand our message to people who drive by our buildings. I don’t know exactly how many people drive by our facilities, but 13th Street is one of the busiest streets in Grove. The new signs will allow us to share our ministries and communicate God’s message consistently 24/7. Our previous signs were effective but were limited at what could be put on them. The new signs will allow us to put Scripture verses as well as ministry opportunities quickly and professionally. I appreciate those of you who had a part in this idea becoming a reality. Praise the Lord!
As we once again come into the Thanksgiving season, we are reminded as Christians and Americans of the blessings that God has given to us. I am thankful for a congregation that has been willing to trust the Lord and seek ways to reach people in our community. Whether it is a trunk or treat event, a concert, revival, movie night, or an Easter Egg Hunt, we desire to reach out to our community and find the unchurched and the lost who need to know Jesus as Savior and Lord. We hope to continue to make a difference in our community and let people know we love Jesus and that love them in the name of Jesus! I invite you join us in our effort to be a New Testament church that is pleasing to our Savior. Begin to pray that we will be right in the center of God’s will as a church and that we will keep our motivation to reach people for Christ the main thing!

Bro. Jim

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