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May 2017 Edition from the Proclaimer Newsletter

The little boy asked his mother how people were born.  The mom began to explain about Adam and Eve being the first humans and that they had children and those children grew up and became adults and they had children and so on.  The boy went to his dad and asked the same question.  His dad responded, "We were monkeys and they we wvolved to become like we are now."  The child ran back to his mom and said, "You lied to me."  His mother replied, "I did not.  I explained my side of the family and your dad explained his."
Sometimes family experiences can be funny like the story above.  And sometimes family situations can be painful and difficult.  But we know that family is important.  Usually around this time of year, there are a lot of events that include family.  You have Mother's Day and then there are graduations.  The Memorial Day holiday is usually a time for families to spend time together out on the lake or maybe at a family reunion.  My family and I will be taking a family vacation that we have been planning for awhile.  So family life is important and we should make our families a priority.  I remember a preacher saying one time that you can't take very many things with you to heaven, but you can make sure your family goes with you.
God has established the family contrary to some of the philosophies of the day.  Genesis 2:24 gives us guidelines for the marriage relationship.  Biblical marriage is defined as one man and one woman in a one flesh relationship.  Out of that one flesh relationship, children are born and God uses the family unit to help teach about His truth.  Our culture is desperately trying to go as far away from biblical truth as it can.  The family as a whole is being savagely attacked by Satan and we see the devastating results.  Families are being torn apart by divorce and abandonment.  Children are confused and hurt by the fracturing of the family unit.  Many of them grow up without a dad in the home and the consequences are life changing.  We don't need to revise the definition of marriage for today; we need some old time religion.  We need to come back to God and His Word.  We need families to pray together, worship together and study God's Word together!  We need commitment in the familiy and it must start with parents and their marriage vows.  Children need to honor and obey their parents because God said so!  We need a transformation in the homes of America.
God help us before it is too late.  We need You, our families need You, our children and grandchildren need You!  Help us wake up before we go beyond the point of no return!

Bro. Jim

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