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August 2017 Edition from the Proclaimer Newsletter

Our youth group is at Falls Creek during this last week of July.  As a boy growing up in Oklahoma and pastoring churches in Oklahoma since 1986, I am very familiar with Falls Creek.  Except for five years being in Missouri and Texas, I have been going to Falls Creek since 1973.  There are some very fond memories of this historic place and I praise God that Oklahoma Baptists have continued the ministry of Falls Creek.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the camp.  We saw a video in the service this week about how Falls Creek came to be what it is today.  To give you some perspective, the first youth camp saw two kids come to Christ.  That was the total number for the week.  Last night in the Wednesday evening service alone, there were 98 salvation decisions.  God has truly worked in the lives of young people over the years.  I know He has spoken to my heart in times past as well.  Falls Creek is a special place and we as Oklahoma Baptists should be grateful that God has chosen to give us this special place to reach souls for the Kingdom.  Also, more people have been called to the mission field at Falls Creek than any other place.  The impact of Falls Creek literally is worldwide.  What a joy to know that there are missionaries across this world that received their call to missions at Falls Creek.
I was privileged to be on the Board of Directors back in 1996 when the decision was made to build a new tabernacle and start a new direction toward modernizing the camp.  At first I was resistant to some of the changes but I sat in the climate-controlled tabernacle last night and comfortably listened to the camp preacher as he shared the gospel.  At the invitation time, I watched hundreds go down and respond to God's calling upon their lives.  A few of those youth were from our group.  I remember being an usher in the back of the old open-air tabernacle and having to get on to kids about listening to the service.  Now kids can sit at the back and watch two huge screens that allow them to see the camp preacher up close.  We don't use ushers anymore and kids do a better job of listening than when I sat on the old hard benches.
I guess what I am trying to say is that God has used the vision of J. B. Rounds and W. D. Moorer to bring us to where we are today.  We as Oklahoma Baptists have been handed the baton and we must continue to support the work God is doing at Falls Creek.  When you give through the local church, you support the Cooperative Program that helps fund the ministry at Falls Creek.  When you give a scholarship so one of our kids can go to camp, you are supporting the ministry at Falls Creek.  When you donate food or give money for groceries, you are supporting the ministry at Falls Creek.  May God continue to move Oklahoma Baptists to support the ministry at Falls Creek!

Bro. Jim

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