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June 2017 Edition from the Proclaimer Newsletter

In a recent Reader's Digest article, there was a story about a family that had lost several family members in a tragic car crash.  The lady who was sharing the story was a sister to one of the relatives.  The tragic accident left this lady and her family in shock and in need of making preparations to go where her sister lived.  Bur they were right in the middle of a move themselves.  The woman's husband called her Sunday School teacher friend to tell her that she would have the nursery class by herself.  About an hour later the friend's husband showed up at the door.  He said, "I've come to clean your shoes."  The lady was conlfused.  Her friend's husband said, "Donna had to stay with the baby," he said, "but we want to help you.  I remember when my father died, it took me hours to get the children's shoes cleaned and shined for the funeral.  So that's what I've come to do for you.  Give me all your shoes - not just your good shoes, but all your shoes."  Her friend's husband proceeded to spread the newspaper on the kitchen floor and clean all their shoes while they got the kids baths and packed for the trip.  The woman remarked in the article that she thought of Jesus washing the feed of His disciples.  The man who cleaned all of her family's shoes was emulating the Savior when He served His friends in John 13.  The act of love released the tears of this lady who had lost so much and the healing began to take place in her heart.
I was truly touched by reading this article and the selfless act displayed by this man who cleaned the shoes of a grieving family.  I, too, am reminded of the story in John Chapter 13.  The disciples were wrapped up in their own selves that they had forgotten one of the basic customs of the day.  After a day's journey of walking in sandals, people's feet would be dirty and in need of washing.  Jesus takes the initiative in getting on His knees and washing the disciples' feet.  It was the Master who was serving His pupils.  It says a lot about Jesus and it says something about the disciples.  The Son of God coming to earth had no ego to stroke.  He was doing His Father's will and He gave us His purpose in one verse.  "The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many."  That's it.  Jesus didn't need a book or even a pamphlet to share with principles and goals.  One verse communicates His desire in coming.  He set an example for His disciples to follow from this point on.  If we are believers, then we are to follow Christ's example.  The disciples were selfish and looking inward or they would have been the ones with the basin and pitcher of water.  The need of the moment was some dirty, smelly feet.
As we think about this idea of being a servant and following Jesus' example, is there someone that needs you to be a servant to them?  It may not be some tired, dirty feed, but it could be some shoes that need to be cleaned and shined.  Maybe you have an opportunity to take someone to the grocery store and help them get some groceries.  Is there someone in the church that needs you to help them around their house?  Just remember, it doesn't have to be something big and flashy.  It may be something as simple as cleaning the shoes for someone in need.

Bro. Jim

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