Women & More  was founded by Jeanene Moore in April and May 2008.  The ministry serves as ‘biblical’ teaching and godly ‘motivational’ training for women in our church and community. The first one-year study was comprised of 28 teaching sessions, 40-50 minutes in length, followed by small groups of five or six meeting for application with at least one mentor for each group.

Women & More is a new ministry specific to women, and it is my heart’s response to God’s ‘call’ to live out and teach discipleship (followship).
Followship is the steady pad, pad of the soul’s feet following the Savior moment by moment on the path he has prepared, made clear and visible by the Holy Spirit, and leading to the Father’s house.

I’m never surer of God, than when I realize what doubting him means — Hebrews 11:6 — displeasing to him!

For more details of the 3 stages of the founding of Women & More, click on Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III

by Ruth Jeanene Moore

Introducing Women & More a mentoring Bible Study

Introducing Women & More How To Get Ready
TriFold Brochure Training Mentor Naomi to Ruth



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02-12-2015 Toxic People & Worksheet
11-07-2013 The Son Room & Worksheet
09-19-2013 At Wit's End & Worksheet
03-29-2012 Blameless & Worksheet
10-27-2011 Rest, Who Me & Worksheet