The Christian Medical Clinic is on Thursdays from 3:00pm to 8:00pm. It is free and open to the public for those who qualify.

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The Christian Medical Clinic—In the Life-Saving Business
By Jeanene Moore

Thirty-six-year-old LaDonna Bailey had suffered from migraine headaches for more than a year, and the pain had become unbearable. One Thursday evening in early February, 2010, she attempted to stand, and overwhelmed by pain, fell over her coffee table. She pleaded with her husband to do something, and he drove her to the Christian Medical Clinic at Grove’s First Baptist Church.

LaDonna presented at the clinic with neurological symptoms and was seen by a volunteer physician. “I needed his helping hand to get rid of these headaches,” she says. The doctor ordered a special test at INTEGRIS Grove Hospital, which revealed a very aggressive brain tumor. In a follow-up visit to the clinic, LaDonna was made aware of her brain tumor and the need for immediate surgery.

The transfer coordinator at a Tulsa hospital agreed that this was an exceptional case, and, with recommendation from the clinic physician, and the grace of God, LaDonna was accepted as a patient—just six days after her first clinic visit. Arriving inches from death with maybe two weeks to live, LaDonna underwent the 14-hour surgery to remove a softball-sized tumor. She is now recovering—receiving physical therapy—and though many obstacles still face her, death is not one of them!

On April 22, LaDonna came back to the Christian Medical Clinic, along with her husband, daughter, and mother, to thank the doctors, nurses and staff for saving her life. “The people at the clinic are the ones who saved my life,” says LaDonna. “I am so thankful that it’s here…for people like me.”

The Christian Medical Clinic has been saving the lives of this community’s uninsured residents for some 9 years. The CMC sees patients ages 19 to 64 primarily from Delaware County, with 2/3 to 3/4 presenting with chronic problems like diabetes, COPD and arthritis, and also with all different kinds of pain issues including minor injuries and bites. Administrator Nancy Flowers explains, “Right now our greatest need is more volunteer nurses to thoroughly triage and access patients, and provide needed education for chronic health problems.”

Volunteer nurses, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, pastors, accountants, pharmacists, social workers and others weekly rotate to help those needing medicine on the spot, a rotten tooth pulled or a back adjusted. Needs are prayed for and those eligible for patient assistance receive aid in qualifying and signing up. Individuals should arrive by 3 p.m. on Thursdays to sign up for doctor, dentist, or chiropractor visits, and registration remains open until 6 p.m. for medication refills.

With America’s health care system in chronic disarray, and the many hard-working but growing number of unemployed people in the Grand Lake area, the CMC Board of Directors has promised to continue this outreach ministry in this community. Board member and pastor of Grove’s First Baptist Church, Rev. James Wilder, reaffirmed his congregation’s commitment to provide the facility—east entrance—at 501 E. 13th Street.

Since the CMC is a ‘Christian’ clinic rather than a ‘community’ clinic, it operates on private donations from local residents, churches and organizations with no government assistance or subsidies. Send donations to Christian Medical Clinic of Grand Lake Inc., c/o Clara Mills, CPA, PO Box 451368, Grove, OK 74345, and to volunteer call Nancy Flowers at 787-5191.